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A: At GSER we are here for our client’s needs 24/7. You will have one point of contact for your account, and that agent will handle all of your needs from ordering equipment, to accounting, to delivery and pickup eliminating any possible points of confusion.

Q: What kind of relationship will we have with GSER?

A: All of our equipment is new and maintained to the highest standard to ensure our clients receive only the highest quality equipment. All of our equipment is always professionally cleaned and serviced prior to delivery. While we know unforeseen issues may arise our technicians and staff are always ready to work with you on your production needs to make things right.

Q: How does your equipment compare to other companies?

A: Our dedicated specialists are the main point of contact from new client onboarding to equipment delivery and pick up. The same specialist will walk you through every facet of our process and work to make it as streamlined and easy as possible. Should any issue arise with your specialist, please reach out to our main office with your concerns. 

Q: What can we expect?


Thank you! We will send you your form shortly.

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